7 Resin Art Tools Required for Beginners

Here are the basic tools needed for beginners to create all kinds of resin art designs and products. For more, visit resinidea.com


A Work Space

Consider selecting a good workspace for your resin work. An ideal work area becomes very necessary to boost your productivity.


A Resin Kit

Use best and most suitable resin for your project. A nice and clear resin can make your work easier.



The best pigments for resin art are glitter, colors, tiny kinds of stuff, inks, and sprinklers. leaves, and much more to explore.


Plastic Cups

Plastic cups are more beginner-friendly and even pro artists use measuring cups. Use it for mixing and in pouring the resin into molds.


Heat Gun

A Heat Gun is a tool used to shoot out the extra bubbles in your resin design. Use it carefully on the surface, it may damage the design.


Weighing Scale

To gain more accuracy for a resin project we must use measuring or weighing scale. It makes your artwork more efficient & productive.


Gloves & Masks

The use of gloves and masks give you protection against the toxicity of resin chemicals for more confident use.

These were some important resin art tools a beginner must use. Find more, just google:

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